“2017 was a year of incredible and very painful change for me. But perhaps one redeeming thing about the year was getting to connect with Allegretta the last few months, and benefit from her spiritual insight and positive thinking. In our conversations, Allegretta has consistently encouraged me to dig deep to manifest my dreams and desires. In the first week of January, I entered an Instagram contest for a free spot in a week-long yoga retreat in Acapulco. Well, can you imagine my feelings of incredible awe and tremendous gratitude when I found out the following day that I won the spot?! Had it not been for Allegretta’s words of persistence and intention, I don’t think I even would have entered the contest – let alone won.”

– Rebecca N.


“During my Portrait Healing session, Allegretta asked intentional questions that encouraged me to think critically about my life. She listened attentively to my responses and used them to frame the rest of the conversation. She presented viewpoints that were validating of my identity as well as my individual being.”

– Ga Tsung C.


“I loved my Portrait Healing session! Regardless of if you are in need of self-healing or just want an incredible portrait of yourself, Allegretta provided me the best service. Also, she plays enchanting music and burns incense for the 3 hour session. The vibe is fantastic.”

Ariella R.


“Allegretta has helped me reflect on the negativity in my past and shown me a positive path forward. Her calming presence, vivid imagery and positivity radiates through every blog post and video. She doesn’t tell you how to live your life; she leads you to a path of self-love and self-acceptance. Highly recommend!”

– Katie R.