My Spiritual Awakening: Pressing the Start Button

This is my first post, so get ready, because it might be A LOT to process. I’m still trying to process it all, myself. Here it goes.

I had a spiritual awakening on October 24th.

Every day since that day, I’ve discovered something new about myself. I’ve discovered that I can choose where I place myself in this world and in this universe, as a whole. I’ve experienced how my divine, spiritual guides (I like to call them My Team) deliver messages to me in different forms throughout the day. I’ve allowed myself to make these discoveries. Each day is a new adventure, and I’m so grateful for my awakening. I feel so full of life, and I’m so excited to share my journey with you. I’m starting this blog to discuss what I’m continuing to learn on my own journey and share messages from my Higher Self and my Team with you.

My Spiritual Awakening Story

Everyone’s spiritual awakening is different.

I feel that mine was encouraged from experiencing many forms of paranormal activity throughout my life, learning about conspiracy theories, listening to people talk about trips while on psychedelics, having dreams of being in space, looking down at Earth or being outside of Earth and already knowing certain aspects of specific religions before actually learning about them. All of these things connected together one night after watching a video on YouTube. Yes, YouTube is where My Team likes to provide me with messages that I need, because They know that I really like YouTube, and I spend a lot of time there.

I can’t remember why I went to Youtube, but once I was on the site, my attention immediately went to my Recommended Videos section on the main page. The video that caught my eye was called “Shrooms vs. Alcohol.” I’m not entirely sure why I clicked on it, because I already knew that the video would show that the affects of mushrooms are less intense and destructive than alcohol. I already knew what the outcome was going to be, but I was still interested and watched it. After watching that video, I saw that a lot of other Recommended Videos in the side panel had “DMT” in the title. I had never heard of DMT before, but I was interested as to why so many people were making videos of it and why the videos were being recommended to me.

A quick Wikipedia search told me that “N, N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is a tryptamine molecule which occurs in many plants and animals. It can be consumed as a powerful psychedelic drug and has historically been prepared by various cultures for ritual and healing purposes.” Very interesting.

The next video I watched was this one.

It’s a compilation video of several people explaining their individual trips that they took on DMT. I didn’t know what to expect from this video, so I laughed a little at the beginning, because the things they were describing seemed silly. But as I watched more of the video, I realized that they are all explaining similar experiences during their trips. About 30 people all described the same experiences, and there’s no such thing as coincidence. It occurred to me that this video wasn’t just a fun, entertaining way to pass the time on YouTube. This video was a message, and it became very serious to me as I continued watching. Toward the end of the video, once I started taking it seriously, a voice in my head suddenly appeared.

It asked me very clearly, “Do you accept that this is real?” and “Do you remember, now?”

Not through my conscious memory, but within my heart, I imagined the DMT trip that the 30 people in the video described, and I felt it. I remembered it, not as a memory, but more like something that I used to feel, but stopped feeling once I entered this body, 24 years ago. (I know that doesn’t really make sense, but none of this makes sense, and there aren’t exact words to explain it.)

I responded to the voice in my head, and I said, “Yes, this is real, and I remember.”

Immediately, all of the weird things I’ve experienced in my life: the paranormal activity, the conspiracy theories, the things that I’ve always known about without learning about them, the dreams…they all connected together. In that moment, I didn’t feel fear, panic, worry, or any other negative emotion that you would think such an experience would provoke. I was just very aware and very alive.

I realized what people really mean when they say that they “woke up.”

It didn’t feel like waking up from sleeping, it was like realizing for the first time that there had been a curtain over my eyes, and suddenly, noticing that it was gone. I wasn’t just seeing where I was physically, in my room. I was feeling where I was, and it became clear to me how spiritually removed I had become.

I became very aware that I was in my body. I also remembered that I was living a life that I chose specifically for myself before I was born. The dreams of being in space and looking down at Earth and watching people became very clear. I had flashbacks to being in a different realm, watching family and friends from different timelines without “me” and planning how I would make a difference in their lives with other beings from the realm. I had vivid flashbacks from my childhood in this life where I sat on my parent’s bed, and I told them, “I came here to make you happy.” And I would get frustrated when they didn’t really know what I meant. (Since I’m an adoptee, I understand how that statement could be perceived as something different than what I really meant.)

I remembered planning out how I would come into this life and agreeing with other beings around me that I would experience great highs and great lows in this life, and the other beings agreed to help me awaken when it was time. They’ve protected me in so many ways that I will explain in future posts.

I remembered everything, and I felt everything.

I sat with all of this as I was experiencing it all in my mind. But they weren’t really flashbacks or memories. They were more like things that I knew were happening in synchronicity with the present moment, somewhere else.

I walked around my room a little bit, and when I sat on my bed, I started to cry. So much information and visions had just rushed through my head. All of the questions I had about the universe, human existence, and spirituality had been answered. I felt warm and loved. In my mind, I asked where all of this came from and what it all was.

The words “Spiritual Awakening” popped into my head.

I had never heard of a spiritual awakening before. I had heard of “being woke” or “waking up,” used to describe people who are aware of political corruption, but not awakening spiritually.

I typed “spiritual awakening” into YouTube, and I was met with over a million videos of people talking about all of the information that I had received moments before. I realized that everything before my moment of awakening was all planned. All the painful experiences, trauma, happy times, and the times when it felt like nothing was happening, I had planned long before I had actually encountered them. I accepted everything that I had gone through that felt like torture. They were all things that I needed to experience in order for me to relate to those who I will help later on. They were all things that were meant to happen.

I asked one more question that night before going to sleep. I asked the voice, “What do I do now?” And the word that appeared in my mind said, “Live.”

Not everyone will wake up or have an awakening in their lifetime, and that’s very okay. Everyone’s soul is on a different path, and some people’s path isn’t to awaken in the current life they are experiencing. Some people’s path in their life is to invalidate those who have had an awakening, and that’s all right too.

I’ve been hesitant to publicly discuss my awakening due to fear of being invalidated, considered as crazy by people who know me, or worse: being persecuted for my beliefs (which I’ve experienced many times in past lives.) But I’m conquering these fears, because completing my mission means more to me than what other people think of “sanity” or “obeying authority” (which I have never done).

Life is a video game, and the entire time I thought I was playing, I was actually stuck in the main menu. Once I had my awakening and accepted all of this as my reality, it was like I pressed the Start button. The game begins now; I start living now.

Since awakening, I’ve become vegan. I’ve been learning about how the Law of Attraction is more than just a philosophy or belief; it is a major system within our consciousness that allows us to experience our thoughts. I’ve stopped working a corporate job and have chosen to become a fine artist (and blogger). I’ve learned that money isn’t evil – it’s energy and a means of exchange. I’ve learned about the dark forces that are trying to prevent everyone from awakening (they’re failing, obviously). I’ve learned that there are so many good things and lightworks being conducted on Earth, that the vibrations of this planet are getting higher, causing more people to make their dreams reality. More people are believing conspiracy truths. More people are quitting their careers and starting their own businesses. More people are becoming vegetarian and vegan. More people are experiencing paranormal activity and demonstrating abilities to communicate with the higher realms. Most importantly, I’ve learned that we are here as humans on Earth to love and be loved. It’s all very simple, but we’ve been programmed into thinking that it’s more complicated than that.

This is just the beginning, and I’m so happy and excited to live as my authentic, genuine self. I get to bring love and light to people’s lives, and it feels so good.





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